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Appeals Service

Things in life don?t always work out the way we hoped or planned.  For various reasons, your application for a visa may be refused, or your current visa may be cancelled.

You may disagree with the Department?s decision. Fortunately Australia has a sound administrative and legal system to address these issues. We can assist you in seeking Merits review or Ministerial Intervention.

Merits review

Your case is re-considered by the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT), whichever applicable. The tribunal will reconsider the facts, the law and policy and determine what is the correct and preferable decision.

You should know that:

  • Not all decisions by the Department can be reviewed
  • There are limited window of opportunity that an appeal can be lodged
  • There are strict procedures set out by the law that the tribunal must follow

Ministerial Intervention

In some rare circumstances, it is advisable to appeal directly to the Minister of Immigration. Under the Migration Act, the Minister has some discretionary powers that can be exercised only by the Minister personally.

For appeals service, contact us as soon as you can.  We will draw up a personalised plan, and assist you every step of the process.