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Visa Service

There are more than 140 types of visas within the Australian visa system. They are divided into classes and subclasses.  The visa categories and requirements are complex and change frequently.

Fortunately for our clients, we will look after all these for you:

  • We advise you the most suitable visa category and visa class / subclass
  • We assess if you can make a valid application
  • We help you to map out a pathway to satisfy visa requirements
  • We can act on your behalf to deal with other stakeholders, such as Skill Assessment Authorities, regional certifying bodies etc
  • We assist in preparing application, and lodge application on your behalf
  • We keep you informed of the Department’s decision.

There are many ways to classify these visas, therefore there are  various pathways to successfully qualifying for a visa.

Visas can be classified as Permanent visa, Temporary visa and Bridging visa. 

Permanent visa:  Allows the visa holder to stay in Australia indefinitely. It can then be divided into following streams  

Family visa

Suitable for people who have a close family member already living in Australia (as citizen or Permanent resident). These visas include Partner Visa (including same sex partner), Child Visa, Parent Visa.

Business and Investment visa

These are suitable for business people, either business owner, senior executive or investor, who intend to live in Australia and start up a new business, own and run an existing business, or make a substantial investment in Australia.

General skilled visa

These are suitable for highly skilled, relatively young people with good English skills and work experience. There is a score system for this category of visas. Applicant needs to score at least the pass mark.

Employer sponsored visa

These are suitable for people who have a qualified Australian employer willing to sponsor them. The government encourages skilled migration to regional areas of Australia. There are specific visa subclasses for Regional sponsored migration scheme (RSMS).

Protection visa

These are for refugees or people who fled their home country due to persecutions.

Temporary visa: Allows you to stay in Australia for a limited period for a specific purpose.  

Temporary work visa

These visas are for people to participate in specific professional, cultural or social activities or to do temporary work in Australia. These include Temporary work (short stay), Temporary stay (long stay), and Temporary work (skilled) visa.

Temporary visit visa

These are referred as Visitor visa. They allow people to travel to Australia for holiday, visiting family and relatives, or seek medical treatments.

Student visa

These visas allow people to come to Australia to study. The education can be at secondary, tertiary or vocational level.
 Bridging visa:  As the name suggests, these are just there to bridge the gap from one form of visa to another. The most important feature of these visas are they keep the visa holder lawful in Australia while waiting for the outcome of their next visa.

Other visa

None of the above seem to fit your circumstances? They are general descriptions of some of the most common visas. Contact us for advice relevant to your circumstances!



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