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Why Us?

Of course you do not have to use a migration agent.  But if you are serious about your future, our service will be greatly beneficial.

We know the law

Unless you are a practicing legal professional, chances are what you know about the immigration law is incorrect or inaccurate. We have gone through rigorous training. We keep up to date with latest legislative changes. We have access to research tools that are only available to legal professionals and have access to the Department?s policy manuals.

No ?law talk?

We try to avoid using legal jargons when dealing with you. We will explain the legal requirements in plain English, and apply to your circumstances. We probably cannot avoid using legal jargons all together, but rest assured we will explain the important concepts relevant to you.

Upfront and realistic assessment

We want you to have realistic expectation about processing time and visa outcome. We do not make empty promises! We exam your documents and circumstances thoroughly. We do not miss any opportunity or potential pathway for you.

Fair price

We try hard to control our cost, so the benefit can flow on to our client in the form of reasonable price. At the same time, we are not out there competing for the lowest price.  If we do, the quality of your case will suffer.

Business expertise

For those intending to come to Australia as a business owner or investor, we offer the added advantage. Our agents are also qualified accountants, who have extensive knowledge in local business practice, accounting, finance and taxation matters.