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457 visa crackdown become law

The Government?s controversial bill to crack down on 457 visa abuse will become law, after it was passed by the Upper House today by 37 votes to 29. Voting on the bill was left until the last minutes of the Senate sitting, the last time parliament will meet before the federal election. Earlier in the day Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told journalists it “seems reasonable” that employers engaged in local …Read More

Australia Grants First Significant Investor Visa to a Chinese National

Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor announced that Australia’s first significant investor visa has been granted to a successful Chinese toy manufacturer and his young family. More than 170 applications for Australia’s new significant investor visa have been received since it was introduced in November last year. The visa was introduced to attract potential migrants with a demonstrated history of success in business and investment to help boost the country’s economy. Under …Read More