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Client?s interest first

We provide independent professional service. We always put our client?s best interest first.  It is not about us winning or losing a case, it is about your immigration goals. By putting our client?s interest first:

  • We consider all aspects of your circumstances carefully
  • We plan a pathway for you to achieve your goal
  • We implement the plan diligently
  • We work with all stakeholders and government agencies cooperatively
  • We are upfront and candid about chance of success
Quality over speed

We are aware of our responsibility when our client?s future is at stake. We want our work to be top quality. We never sacrifice quality for speed.

  • We check and double check the law
  • We check and double check your application before it is lodged
  • We plan ahead when preparing your application
  • We present your submissions in a professional manner
Co-operative not combative

We deal with all stakeholders in a professional and co-operative manner. These stakeholders can be the Department of Immigration (DIAC), Tribunals, or Skills Assessing Authorities. We believe our approach is the best to promote and protect your interest.  Especially in cases of appeals against visa refusal or cancellation, we do not consider it as a ?win-loseâ?? situation. We aim for a ?win-winâ??.

Help us to help you

There are a number of things our client can do to make the process a more smooth experience.

  • Be truthful and upfront about your goals and circumstances
  • Respond to our queries and requests in a timely manner
  • Keep us updated with change of circumstances