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Following is a brief summary of our standard process for visa service. It may not apply in all cases. Contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.

Initial consultation and advice

Book in a consultation, and bring in all relevant documents. Speak to our experienced agent about your goals and circumstances.

We consider your case carefully. We provide you some verbal advice on the spot. We may ask for further details.

We provide you a written advice within 5 working days.

Becoming our client

If you want to proceed and use our service, you need to sign an agreement. We can then start working on your case.

Collate documents and lodge application

We will work with you according to the agreement. We collate documents, deals with third parties, prepare your application, and write up a submission to the Department. Basically we will look after the whole thing!  Bear in mind though, you still need to help us to help you.

Keep you informed

After application is lodged, we will keep you informed of correspondences with or decision made by the Department. Remember be patient and reasonable!

Please note for appeals, we need to consider your full circumstances and come up with a personalised plan. You may not have the right to appeal.  Even if you do, there is usually a small window of opportunity to lodge an appeal.  Contact us to discuss your circumstance.