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Visa Categories & Requirements

Business & Investment visa

 For successful business people to migrate to Australia, and start or acquire a business, or make substantial investment in Australia.

Key requirements:

  • Generally a two stage process, provisional visa and permanent visa
  • There are three streams: Business Innovation, Investor and Significant Investor streams
  • Age requirement
  • Innovation test requirement
  • Substantial business and personal assets, and overall successful business or investment career
  • Residency requirements
  • Health, Character and other Public Interest Criteria requirements

General skilled visa

For highly skilled, younger people with good English skills and work experience.  They usually possess the skills required or in shortage in Australia.

Key requirements:

  • Age requirement
  • English language requirement
  • Positive skill assessment
  • Nominate a skilled occupation that is in demand
  • Meet the minimum pass mark
  • Health, Character and other Public Interest Criteria requirements
  • Extra requirement for applicants sponsored by state or territory government, or by a relative living in a regional area

Employer sponsored visa

For employer to sponsor skilled workers from overseas directly or sponsor their temporary working visa holder for permanent visa after they worked for the business for a period of time.

It has Direct Entry stream and Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Key Requirements:

Direct Entry stream

  • Employment offer by an Australian employer with nominated occupation in the skilled occupation list
  • Has at least three year?s work experience in the nominated occupation
  • English language requirement
  • Positive skill assessment for the occupation

Temporary Residence Transition stream

  • Has been working in a occupation on temporary working visa for at least two years with the employer
  • The employer to offers further employment
  • Meet English language requirement

Partner visa

Partners and fiancés of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens may enter and/or to remain permanently in Australia. Partner category migration may apply to:

  • People intending to get married (fiancés)
  • Married (de jure) partners
  • De facto partners (including those in a same-sex relationship).

Key requirements:

  • Proof of relationship
  • The applicant must be sponsored by their Australian partner
  • Health, Character and other Public Interest Criteria requirements
  • Usually a two stage process

Parent visa

Allows parents to migrate to Australia permanently, to join their children who are living in Australia.

Key requirements:

  • The applicant must be sponsored by their child
  • You need to pass the balance of family test
  • There are different sub categories of visas depending on your age; whether you are inside or outside Australia
  • There are contributory parent visas that cost more but get processed faster. The non-contributory parent visas are subject to annual quota, and lengthy waiting period.

Child visa

For children from overseas who are the child or stepchild of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.  Orphan Relative visa: is for children from overseas, whose parents are deceased, permanently incapacitated, or whose whereabouts are unknown and who have an eligible sponsor. Adoption visa is for children from overseas who have been or about to be adopted by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Dependent Child visa is for children whose parent holds a temporary partner visa and is in the process of obtaining a permanent partner visa.

Key requirements:

  • The child must be sponsored
  • Both the child and the sponsor need to meet various requirements
  •  There are strict measures to protect the child?s best interest


For people whose Australian relative requires overseas relative?s care and assistance of their daily life, and prove that the sort of assistance is not available in Australia.

Remaining relative

For people whose siblings, parents or any near relatives are all living in Australia.

NZ citizen family relationship

For NZ citizen?s non-NZ citizen family members to live and work in Australia.

Student visa

For people who intend to study in a registered and approved course in Australia on a full time basis. The courses range from English language courses, vocational training to post graduate study.

Key requirements:

  • Being offered a place for full time study in a registered course
  • Meet English language and academic requirements
  • Have sufficient funds
  • Genuine intention to live in Australia on temporary basis to complete study
  • Meet Health and Character requirements and obtained health insurance
  • The level of assessment required is dependent on your country of origin.  Contact us for further details.


 The above information was correct at the time of last update. They are general statements about a selected number of visas only. They do not take into account of your personal circumstance, and should not be relied on as specific advice. Contact us for advice suitable for your personal circumstance.